As you all know, eating during the race causes gastrointestinal discomfort and, in a very high percentage, the abandonment of the runner.

Nutritape® is based on transdermal technology, developed in the USA in the early 1980s for therapeutic purposes. The reason is that there were nutrients that had to be taken in small doses, but the gastric juices destroyed much, so that the intake that arrived at the body ended up being useless. Hence the possibility of supplying these nutrients through the skin, providing the advantages of immediate absorption, small doses, ease of interruption of the supply, cost more economical than the nutrient intake because less quantity is needed.

The nutrients present in the Nutritape® patch are BCAA and vitamins B1 and B5, which pass continuously and controlled to the blood through its porous membrane mainly by a diffusion mechanism, traversing the superficial layer of keratin and the epidermis Cutaneous:

Because they contain mainly water-soluble elements, Nutritape® components pass into the blood mainly through the intercellular route. After placing Nutritape® on the skin the micropores become more permeable and facilitates the entry of the nutrients.

Nutritape +20h

Absorption begins about 5 minutes after placing it on the athlete’s skin. And this lasts about ±20 hours, depending on the athlete’s bulkiness and hardness of training.

This temporary window can have two applications: as a source of energy during the race (X) and as a facilitator of muscle recovery after the race (Y). We can say, therefore, that X + Y = 20 hours. And it is the athlete himself who can regulate it, depending on the type of training or career he does. For example: if it is the first time that training in vertical and anticipates a great wear and recovery, the training will be 1 hour and recovery ±19 hours.