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Fueling up during a race is complicated!

Your stomach shuts down, you get abdominal pains and even stomach flu due to eating while taking part in your favorite sport. You almost need to be a superhero to finish a race!

In addition, it takes between 20 minutes and 4 hours after eating for nutrients to reach the muscles.

With an energy bar it can take 20 minutes, and with a plate of pasta up to 4 hours. This means your race can be a real nightmare!

Studies confirm that up to 30% of energy ingested is used during the digestion process.

This is without mentioning the insulin spikes and sugar crashes you suffer in the energy needed. In short, you need to carefully monitor what you consume when training or competing.

How can this be solved? With Nutritape®!

To guarantee that we are talking hard facts and not merely hot air, we’ve made sure that Nutritape® is based on scientific studies and analyses.

Dozens of prestigious scientific publications have studied the problems faced by endurance athletes. Of particular note is a highly detailed article in Sports Medicine, which also offers nutritional advice for athletes.

The article above analyzes the effects of poor nutritional planning before and during exercise.

It concludes that 30%–50% of athletes experience gastrointestinal (GI) problems, preventing them from achieving better times, recovering suitably after the race, and enjoying their favorite sport.

Particularly mentioning long-distance runners.

Athletes who take part in races between 40 and 100 miles long frequently experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is calculated that between 37%–89% of athletes are affected by GI complaints.

Link to the full article.

Finally, when we saw that it was a feasible, novel idea, we submitted Nutritape® to three laboratory tests at Zurko Bioresearch, which it passed with excellent results. You can be secure in the knowledge that Nutritape® works, is safe, and complies with current regulations.