The improvements that Nutritape® brings in comfort and sensations are many:

  • The need to carry less food in the backpack or bag than usual. By carrying less weight, you will feel lighter, consuming less energy and improving your times.
  • You will not suffer gastrointestinal discomfort or nausea or vomiting, since not ingesting during the training or the race will not load the stomach.
  • You will notice a decrease in hunger sensation during training or running due to the constant supply of branched amino acids and vitamins B1 and B5.
  • You will avoid the dreaded insulin spike, as it happens especially with the energy gels, that causes some rejection and addiction in the corridors. It is common to cause dizziness when you finish the sugar or caffeine kick that they carry.

But we cannot forget the advantages in race times:

  • You will lose less time in the provisionings by not having to eat solid food. Or as much as now. Every runner is a world and only he knows his body.

It also gives you extra security that no food gives you:

  • Easy to interrupt the supply of nutrients: just remove the patch from the skin to stop supplying nutrients to the muscles. With the products ingested this is not possible.

And all this at a cheaper cost than if you wanted to ingest the equivalent nutrients that you usually consume in a career. Remember that not destroying 70% of the ingested as happens with the current products, you need a smaller amount of nutrients to get better results.

What Nutritape® DOES NOT

  • Does not avoid or substitute any meal of the day. It is not thought, formulated or tested for it.
  • Does not avoid or replace the need for hydration during training or racing. Nutritape® does not incorporate water.
  • Does not prevent or replace electrolyte replacement before, during or after training or racing. Nutritape® only provides vitamins B1 and B5, the essential to maximize the use of the branched amino acids it incorporates.