Ambassadors 2018

1.- Marcel Zamora

Marcel Zamora has been a professional triathlete for over 20 years. Two exploits stand out among his personal achievements: he won the France-Nice Ironman 5 times in a row in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010; as well as the Embrunman up to 6 times, in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017.

This video proves the magnificence of a humble and discreet triathlete as Marcel Zamora.

2.- Núria Picas

Ultra-Trails runner and maximum exponent of female Skyrunning. He has reaped a magnificent 2017 with multiple victories and personal challenges:

  • 1st place Vibram Hong Kong (100K)
  • 1st place Transgrancanaria (42K)
  • 1st place Buff Epic Trail (21K)
  • 3rd place Tromso Sky Race(53K)
  • 1st place ULTRA TRAIL DU MONTBLANC (170K)
  • 2nd place Ultra Pirineu (110k)

3.- Pau Capell

Pau Capell is, at the early age of 26, already a global reference in the world of trailrunning. He won the TransGranCanaria 2017, establishing the record at 13 hours and 21 minutes to conquer the 125 kms and 6.800m+ of the race, and qualified 6th at the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc®, with its 170 kms and 9,875m+, in 20 hours and 12 minutes.

He was the winner at the TDS® (119kms and 7.350m+) and qualified 3rd at the overall Ultra Trail World Tour.

Stay tuned for the wonderful surprises he shall bring in 2018.

4.- Lluis Mas Bonet

Nine years as a professional cyclist. In 2009 he moved from Sunier Duval amater to Burgos BH until 2013 and this has been his fourth season in the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team. Lluis Mas is a primarily combative runner, always looking for the escape, and a great worker for what the team needs. He defends himself quite well to help the sprinters in the last km. With the absolute Spanish team he participated in the World Cup in Richomnd (2015) and Norway (2017).

In 2017 he was the Spanish cyclist with the most kilometers and number of trips, with a total of 14, being one of the cyclists with the most minutes in television and media. And this 2018 … well … you’ve seen it in La Vuelta, right?

5.- Tomás Misser

Tomás Misser has been competing for over 25 years in MTB, particularly on downhill races and cyclo-cross. His trophy cabinet is really intimidating: national champion up to 14 times, European Champion twice (junior and absolute), twice runner-up at the junior-global competition, 3 partial victories at the World Cup, twice 3rd qualified at the overall World Cup classification, UCI leader in 1996 and M35 World Champion.

Watch this amazing video that summarizes his sports career in two minutes.

6.- Jonathan Lastra

Three years as a professional cyclist, always at the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA. Combat cyclist and team man, great worker, for what the team needs. He has made a spectacular 2018 season:

  • 6th General Getxo Tour
  • 6th Tour Burgos (4th stage)
  • 7th Tour Burgos (1st stage)
  • 8th Vuelta España (5th stage)
  • 9th General Tour of Croatia
  • 9th Croatia (4th stage)
  • 10th Plumelec
  • 10th Croatia (3rd stage)
  • 12th Vuelta España (12th stage), where he has made 7 leaks

The 2019 season is full of opportunities to aspire to a podium.

7.- Alex Fraguela

Alex Fraguela changed sport discipline to practice trailrunning after representing Spain in 5 World Championships and 10 World Cups in rowing. In 2014 he runs in his first competition, the Desafio Cantabria (Cantabrian Challenge) of 90 kms. As it turned out, his inexperience would be very costly, but he fell in love with trailrunning and ever since then, he just kept advancing on his unstoppable rise.

In 2016 he qualified 2nd at the Ultra Sierrra Nevada (100 kms and 6.050m+ in 12 hours 52 minutes)

In 2017 he qualified 12th at the UTMB® in CCC Race (100 kms and 6.150m+ in 11 hours 40 minutes), 6th at the Reventon Trail (44 kms and 2.300m+ in 4 hours 13 minutes) and 4th in Penagolosa (116 kms and 5.700m+ in 13 hours and 09 minutes.

No doubt: 2018 is his year.

8.- Leonor Font

Triathlete not professional and resident in Mallorca. She combines her marketing work with her passion for triathlon, looking for any space in the agenda to train, and weekends and vacations to compete. But every effort has its reward: the next month of October she will be in Kona. Congratulations Leonor!

  • 2nd in his age group at the Ironman in Frankfurt 2018 and slot for Kona.
  • 3rd in the long distance duathlon Spain championship 2018
  • 6th in the Ironman of Vitoria 2017 / 2nd in the Half Triathlon of Menorca 2017

Nutritape® collaborates with Dr. Joan Ramon Barbany

Joan Ramon Barbany Cairo holds a PhD in Medicine and Surgery, and a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Barcelona (UB). Doctor Specialist in Clinical Analysis and in Biology and Sports Medicine (CES) by the University of Grenoble. Honorary Professor of the University of Barcelona in the specialty of Exercise Physiology and Functional Assessment, and former Professor of INEFC (Barcelona).

He directs Extension Courses in the field of Sports Nutrition and is Coordinator of the Master in Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sport of the UB. Author of scientific monographs and a considerable number of research works in the field of the Medical Sciences of Sport.