3 blisters NutriTape 2.0

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The first BCAA patch for athletes that prevents stomach and gastrointestinal upset in sports. Instant power to train or compete. It facilitates recovery by continuing to provide amino acids and vitamins to your muscles.

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Product description

Each blister-pack of Nutritape® contains 2 patches.
Package dimensions: 10×16 cm.
Measures of each patch: 6×14 cm.
Pack weight: 10 g.
Weight of each patch: 3 g.
Ideal for minimalist runners.

Contents of each patch:

L-Leucine: 0,252 g.
L-Isoleucine: 0,126 g.
L-Valine: 0,126 g.
Vitamin B1: 0,001 g.
Vitamin B5: 0,005 g.

Nutritional values:

Quantity in 100g and% RDA in 100g.
Energy value: 326 kcal / 1271 kJ.
Proteins: 5 g, of which BCAA 5 g.
Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which 0 g are sugars.
Lipids: 0 g, including saturated 0 g.
Vitamin B1: 0,02 g (RDA: 71%).
Vitamin B5: 0,1 g (RDA: 82%).


Traces of milk, eggs, gluten and nuts have not been found.

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